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Buy Nuvigil without Prescription

Before you buy Nuvigil, the supposed new intelligence boosting productivity drug, make sure you prepare yourself with the facts.

This prescription medication, also known by the generic name Armodafinil, is the latest iteration of a new class of smart drugs designed to boost wakefulness and mental xanax online

Featured alongside other similar products like Provigil and Modafinil, Nuvigil is a more potent variation, promising powerful cognitive enhancement.

Perhaps because of these claims, demand for Nuvigil has increased dramatically in the past few years, resulting in more than 1.5 million prescriptions written.

This demand has also been matched by the rise of grey market overseas pharmacies of dubious legality.

Before you purchase Nuvigil online from one of these sites, let’s examine the safety and financial risks you might be exposed to.

Why Do People Take Nuvigil?

Most people who want to buy Nuvigil are at first interested in its eugeroic qualities.

This category of drugs are known as arousal drugs or wakefulness aids.

They provide some of the benefits of amphetamine stimulants, such as heightened clarity, deeper concentration, and sharp, fast thoughts.

But unlike amphetamines such as Adderall, eugeroics like Nuvigil do not spike hormone levels system-wide in the central nervous system.

This blanket spiking of neurochemicals like dopamine and norepinephrine can create a blunt sense of alertness, and also comes with significant addiction risks.

Eugeroics, on the other hand, simulate this kind of stimulation but do not cause these chemical spikes. As a result, they do not create withdrawal or “comedown” effects, and do not interfere with sleep. Nuvigil’s positive effects include a natural, bright feeling of wakefulness that lasts for hours.

The feeling does not generate jitters, anxiety, or nervousness, as amphetamines do. Tasks become dramatically easier to focus upon, and activities like reading, working with numbers, and design become engrossing and easy to pursue for hours on end without distraction.

Nuvigil users claim to feel smarter and more interested in learning –as if their brains had been “super-charged.”

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How Is Nuvigil Different From Provigil and Adrafinil?

Nuvigil is the brand name of generic Armodafinil. The history of these drugs is closely tied to Modafinil and Provigil, as all were created by the same team of French chemists at the pharmaceutical company Lafon.

After this team developed Modafinil as an aid for narcolepsy and other serious sleep disorders, they were granted a ten year patent for the drug. The drug proved successful for its initial purpose, and U.S. companies like Cephalon became interested in producing it as well.

So, at the end of the legal patent period, The Lafon team innovated a new version of the chemical through the process of enantiometric reduction.

This simply means they distilled the chemical down to a slightly purer form by eliminating one half of nearly identical bonded isomer pairs. These are the molecules which give compounds their shape, so to speak, and by eliminating half of isomers comprised of the same atoms, the resulting drug becomes a more pure version of its previous formula.

This new form is called an enantiopure because it eliminates the portion of the Moafinil molecule that is not active and only retains the part responsible for this drug’s benefits. Nuvigil, or Armodafinil, is simply the purified version of Provigil, or Modafinil.It is thought to be stronger at lower doses, while producing largelythe same effects.

Adrafinil is yet another form of the same compound, but this one needs the assistance of the liver to become Modafinil once inside the body. This makes it a direct pre-cursor to Modafinil, which produces identical effects once it has been converted.

For this reason, Adrafinil is fully legal to buy in the U.S. When you buy Nuvigil, you are getting a close analog to all of these other drugs, just a more pure version.

Is It Legal To Buy Nuvigil Without Prescription?

buy nuvigil onlineAs a Schedule IV narcotic, you may not buy Nuvigil without a medical prescription signed by a doctor in the USA.

These prescriptions are given to patients with a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, or shift work sleep disorder.

There may be some off-label use, but doctors are generally unwilling to prescribe it for such purposes as misuse or side effects could open them up to malpractice liability.




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